About Us

Precision Tool & Mold, LLC

Company Profile

Physical Address:
     620 Easy Street
     Ironwood, Michigan 49938
Telephone: (906) 932-3440
Facsimile: (906) 932-4420
Website: www.precisionmoldusa.com
Physical Facilities:
     Steel Building 11,740 Square Feet
     Manufactured in 1999
     Located upon 5.0275 Acres Products & Services:
     Design and Manufacture of
     Plastic Injection Molds
     Repair and Revision of Existing Molds
     Contract Manufacturing
     No Plastic Parts Manufacturing
Part Size Parameters:
    13" Width
     13" Height
     4" Depth
Product Specialties:
     High Visual
     Tight Tolerance
Shipping Capabilities:
     Overnight to Wisconsin, Michigan Upper
     Peninsula, Eastern Minnesota, Northern
     Illinois, Northeast Iowa

Message from Ownership

When people think of the geographic area that includes Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they usually think of the dozens of leisure activities available to visitors and local residents. In fact, one of the more vexing issues we face with customers is getting to the discussion of the injection molds we manufacture. Maybe we take our lifestyle advantages for granted. It is not any great shock for us to see an employee bringing an ATV to work or taking an early afternoon to ski with the kids. We strive to run a family-friendly business , aware of the crucial balance between an employee's personal and professional lives. We believe in a team-based approach to business. Our efforts are centered upon one simple concept; for our company to succeed, our customers must succeed. We are actively engaged with our customers to seek ways to improve functionality and reduce overall tooling costs. Customers can also rest assured that given the inherent conflict of interest, we have no ownership in plastic production assets. This allows us to work closely with customers to address their needs as critical team members, without fear of competition from an in house plastics operation. Please come and visit us. I am certain you will like what you see. Michael Key

Precision Contacts

Mark Maccani

Mark Maccani

Production Manager

Email: mark@precisionmoldusa.com Telephone: (906) 932 - 3440 ext 11
Luke Salo

Luke Salo

Programming Manager

Email: luke@precisionmoldusa.com Telephone: (906) 932 - 3440 ext 17
Katie Strand

Valerie Moon

Office Manager

Email: valerie@precisionmoldusa.com Telephone: (906) 932 - 3440 ext 10
Roy Mussatti

Roy Mussatti


Email: roy@precisionmoldusa.com Telephone: (906) 932 - 3440 ext 12
Austin Nezworski

Austin Nezworski


Email: austin@precisionmoldusa.com Telephone: (906) 932 - 3440 ext 13